Rain Sounds

The many sounds of nature have long been associated with relaxation and have many mind and body benefits. If you have ever stood on your porch listening to drops of rain splattering onto your driveway or focusing on a downpour splashing against the leaves on your neighbor’s trees, you know just how relaxing, fulfilling and refreshing this part of nature can be. In fact, it can leave you feeling as if you are one with nature and can provide you with a sense of harmony with the world.

Where Can I Find the Best Rain Sounds?

Once you have determined that rain sounds are going to be ideal at helping you relax during the day or before bedtime, you may be unsure of where you can go to find the highest quality sounds. You will need to consider your budget, the items you have access to and the qualities you are looking for in your rain sounds. For example, you may be looking for sounds that last all night long, or you may prefer the sound of a simple, quick rainstorm for a brief meditation session. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to find high-quality, natural-sounding rain sounds these days. You can find them on Amazon Alexa and Google Home, on YouTube, on streaming audio services like Apple Music or Spotify, on white noise machines, and you can generate your own rain sounds with online sound generators.

Amazon Alexa

Voice enabled devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have taken the world by storm. Chances are you already have at least one of these devices. Did you know that you can play thunderstorm sounds on your Amazon Alexa device right now? Just click the button below to enable the best thunderstorm skill on Alexa.

The ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to listen to Rain Sounds is on Amazon Alexa!

Enable Rain Sounds on Alexa
Play rain sounds on your Amazon Alexa dot.


Before there were voice enabled services like Amazon Alexa, people opted to play their favorite sleep sounds on their phones. Thousands of videos featuring thunder and rain can now be found on YouTube. The visual part of these videos is really not that useful, but many of the sounds are really good. Our favorite thunderstorm video is below.

YouTube is another place to listen to rain sounds.

We've searched through hundreds of videos and we think this rain sound video is the best.

Streaming Music Services

There are dozens of streaming music services out there today including Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music. You can find thousands of rain sound tracks and playlists on these services. We've already done all the hard work and found the best one for you. See below.

You can also find rain sounds playlists on Apple Music or Amazon Music.

These sites are great for playing sounds through your phone. Choose this option if you don't have an Amazon Alexa device.

This is our favorite rain sound on iTunes/Apple Music.

White Noise Machines

Years ago, white noise machines were the only way to listen to sleep sounds at night. Although they aren't nearly as popular today, you can still buy them. They generally come with a few dozen sounds and are simple to use. Some of them have built in alarm-clocks, charging ports, and other convenience features.

You can play rain sounds through a sound machine.

Click the image to see it on Amazon.com

Sound machines are quickly becoming obsolete because you can get an Alexa Dot for the same price and it can act as your sound machine plus it can act as your personal assistant.

This White Noise Sound Machine can generate over 20 sounds including Rain Sounds, Ocean Waves, White Noise, and Fan Sounds.

Sound Generators

Want to generate your own rain sounds? Well you can! There are dozens of sound generators/shapers online that can help you create the perfect rain sound for relaxing, studying, and sleeping.

Consider using a Sound Generator if you want more control over your Rain Sounds.

Sound Generators allow you to control many different aspects of the rain sound so you can create the perfect ambiance for your needs.

Generate custom rain sounds using an online sound generator.

This is our favorite sound generator. It has lots of options and is designed by a real Sound Doctor!

Why Do We Love The Sound of Rain?

Rain sounds are loved by everyone. It's as if we are all programmed to respond to the sound it makes by feeling more safe and relaxed. If we think back to our ancestors and how they lived, it may give us some clues as to why we feel this way. They lived out in the open with little protection from the elements or wildlife. They had to be on constant alert for large predators and other smaller, but still dangerous animals.

But most animals, including the fiercest of predators, are smart enough to get out of the rain. They seem to be able to sense the oncoming rain and hunker down in dens or burrows or caves to wait it out. Our distant ancestors may have known that during rain showers or storms, they were relatively safe from the danger of predators and took the opportunity to rest and recuperate. The sound of the rain coming must have been very welcoming to them. Although we have modern protection from predators like fences and walls, we still get that same feeling of comfort and safety when the rain starts falling.

Do rain sounds help you sleep?

Obviously, rain sounds have long been loved when used as part of a nighttime routine. In fact, many people use rain sounds as the white noise they need to block out other louder or more jarring sounds throughout the night. If you are dealing with an air conditioner unit that turns on regularly, a neighbor’s dog that barks randomly throughout the night or traffic noises from living on a busy street, rain sounds can cover these unwelcome noises and bathe you in a relaxing nighttime experience. According to Pennsylvania State University, the brain perceives these soothing nature sounds as non-threatening, allowing you to shut off your mind and go to sleep.